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Adventures of a Dot Series




240 cards total (24 cards in each set)

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There are 10 card sets in the Dot series, each of which involves an imaginary character—Dot—who takes various outings to familiar places.

And who is Dot? Well, Dot definitely is a child, but only individual students can determine Dot's age and gender.

We do know that Dot shows up in places youngsters like to go—the mall, the grocery store, the beach—places that become the focus for intellectual play.

Dot is curious and intelligent, but also human, making some mistakes (and learning from them) along the way. Above all, Dot likes to think.

The activities are designed to be done independently and require a written response (no teacher preparation needed). Just give children the card sets and let them go!

Each set includes 24 cards in total, including 20 activity cards.

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