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About Us

Thinking the Tin Man Way

Our goal is simple: Help children learn to think — and LIKE to think.

Tin Man Press originates and publishes thinking-skills materials for the elementary grades. Our products are used in gifted programs and conventional classrooms, and also by homeschoolers and parents.

How We Work

Tin Man Press is a small, family-owned company that has produced outstanding teaching materials since 1979. We focus on just one or two products a year to ensure that each product represents the very best we can do. We only publish materials that we develop ourselves. "We" are the four Rasmussens—Greta, Ted, Anne and Matt.

Here's Our Philosophy

Every Tin Man product has its own look and feel. Since we are a small company, we can afford to take chances — and often do — by utilizing strategies that go beyond "inside-the-lines" thinking.

For example, we might start by directing a student to pick up a pencil and look at it carefully. Then we might ask: "Where do the pencil marks go when you erase?" Or, "How do you think the lead gets inside the pencil?" In other words, the pencil becomes the starting point for a variety of sophisticated thinking challenges.

We make sure our activities are fun! After all, shouldn't thinking be a pleasure? And if children are thoroughly engaged in doing a project, they are more likely to learn something. You'll find a good deal of humor sprinkled throughout our products.

Our materials are easy to use. We take great pains to work out all the "bugs" in all of our activities. Our directions to students are always very clear, and we're proud that teachers and parents can use our activities without saying, "Huh? What do I do with this?"

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