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Are They Thinking?


The title poses the question and we provide the answer: YES! Or they will be once you put these ideas into action. This outstanding thinking-skills program is sure to fascinate your students with its diverse challenges.

A superb whole-year's program for teaching thinking skills!

The focus is on five different thinking skills, one for every day of the week for 30 weeks. The higher-order thinking areas are: analytical, flexible, and elaborative thinking; problem solving; and originality.

Each activity consists of a one-page reproducible accompanied by a short script for introducing the activity. Some of the activities can be done orally, and all work well on an overhead or SMART Board.

All students can benefit from these effective techniques—students in regular classrooms as well as those in gifted programs. Are They Thinking? is also a great resource for homeschoolers.

Devote just 10 to 15 minutes a day and help your students become more accomplished thinkers. The activities are highly motivational, and you'll see their thinking abilities grow throughout the year.

Order this title as an eBook—get it right away and save money!

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