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These 50 lively reproducibles turn students into more flexible, adventuresome thinkers. Each activity sheet is hand-drawn and complemented by a teacher page that offers answers. More than 300 activities in all. Many teachers use WakerUppers as a motivational tool to start the school day. But don't let the name fool you—this book is a valuable learning tool that can be used anytime kids need a jolt of creative, flexible thinking.

This is highly original material delivered in an inviting, friendly fashion. It is designed to show children that higher-level thinking problems can be a lot of fun.

Each sheet begins in a very unconventional way. We've devised fifty different ways for children to write their names (Write your name without lifting your pencil off the paper, using all straight lines, with your eyes closed, as if the letters were dripping with gooey frosting, etc.) The strange name-writing is a signal that unusual thinking activities lie ahead.

Keep the activities at the ready—they're great for early finishers, or for those children who need an extra challenge.

Another popular strategy is to give each student a few activity sheets at the beginning of each week and let them work on them in their spare time. When they've finished all of them, you can bind them into a little book to take home.

Order this title as an eBook—get it right away and save money!

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