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Waiting for Lunch


The activities in “Lunch” are quick, fun, pickup ideas that you do with the whole class. Not only will the kids have a ball, but you will, too.

There are 49 activities in total, and the menu is rich and varied. You’ll find thinking games, manipulative challenges, sophisticated word play, and pure nonsense.

The activities require very little teacher preparation and don’t take much time. They are designed to be open-ended and interesting for children of varying backgrounds and ability levels.

For example, in “Accidental Art,” children are given a piece of drawing paper. Then you go around the room and drop a piece of string on each paper. Students must carefully draw a line alongside the string. After that, they must use that line as the beginning of a drawing of any subject they wish.

Do these activities whenever you need to serve up a course of constructive fun. And if you do them while you’re actually waiting for lunch, so much the better!

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