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Looking Logic


These 100 activities will sharpen analytical and critical thinking skills. Children must carefully examine a design and then complete a sentence that describes the design.

Those of you who are familiar with our popular books, Letter Getters and Letter Getters II, will recognize the basic approach of these activities. Every challenge includes an illustration and a sentence that ends with a few letters, each of which is the first letter of a single word. Those words are the answer.

In this unique book, however, everything hinges on close observation of the illustration. The student must analyze each design and draw logical conclusions from it.

The activities can be used in a variety of ways. You can use one or two of them each day as a warm-up exercise in a classroom setting, hand them out to early finishers or incorporate them into your regular curriculum. They're also great for homeschoolers or for after-school enrichment challenges.

Looking Logic is available in two formats—electronic and hard-copy. Please note that the hard copies come in a comb-bound format, which makes for easy photocopying.

Order this title as an eBook—get it right away and save money!

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