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How Would That Look?


"How Would That Look?" is designed to help children develop the kind of visualization skills that lie at the heart of problem-solving and creativity. It also helps sharpen listening and direction-following skills.

The concept is simple, and it works like this: The teacher, or parent, reads a very concise, very precise statement. The child must listen to that statement, formulate a visual response in his or her head, and then produce a drawing.

For example: "Three capital Y's of different sizes got together and pretended they were a tree. How would that look?"

Although each activity requires some sort of drawing, this is not an art book. The quality of the final drawings is not nearly as important as the thinking that goes into them.

You'll find more than 100 activities in the book, each of which can be done orally (that's best because it hones those listening skills), or at centers.

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