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Gotta Think!


The motivational material in Gotta Think! will encourage students to "wanna think!" These 50 lively activity sheets foster higher-level thinking and analysis.

Like its companion book, WakerUppers, Gotta Think! offers friendly, hand-drawn activity sheets. Unlike WakerUppers, each activity sheet in Gotta Think! revolves around a single subject, such as necks, movies, pumpkins, paper—even ants.

This is an essential Tin Man Press strategy—beginning with a topic children already know something about and then stretching out in all sorts of unexpected directions.

The activities themselves run the gamut from abstractions that require in-depth analysis to word puzzles that foster language development.

This is a highly flexible learning tool. You may use Gotta Think! activities as enrichment rewards once curricular work is finished. They are a wonderful option for keeping early-finishers busy and happy. Or you may want to hand them out first thing in the morning, letting children work on them in their spare time.

However you use them, give children one of these engaging activities and watch them jump to the challenge.

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