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Letter Getters I


Each Letter Getters book includes 100 word challenges. Students complete sentences based on letter prompts. For example: "It's hard to look up a word in the dictionary when you don't know how … t s i" (to spell it). Or, "If you flip a coin and guess how it will land, you'll be right about … h o t t" (half of the time).

Doing Letter Getters can be a bit like eating popcorn. It's hard to stop once you get started.

Here's how a Letter Getter works: Letters at the bottom of each activity page represent the first letters of words that finish a sentence that we have started. To be successful, a child must use the letter clues to finish the thought in a way that is both logical and grammatical.

For instance: "It's not polite to cough without … c y m." Obviously, "covering your mouth," not "cover your mouth," is the correct response.

There are 100 challenges in the book, all of which foster language development and deductive thinking. And they are very fun to do.

Each activity also includes a lively illustration. Put them on the wall or let students work through them independently. However you use them, children's faces are sure to light up as they find the answers.

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