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Play by the Rules


A valuable resource for teaching one of the most difficult skills of all—listening. This popular book gets children to pay close attention by offering activities they truly enjoy. Many of the 50 activities result in a drawing or design that students create while listening to your directions.

This is not your conventional listening-skills book. In each situation, children must listen carefully to a script that you read in order to know what to do next.

We decided to do Play by the Rules because we thought strategies to teach listening were getting short shrift. There were too many “color the bunny ears pink” activities out there.

These activities are surprising and highly unusual, with titles such as "Lucky Dots," "Build a Design," "Letter Tricks," and "A Postcard from Pluton." In addition to activities that result in interesting drawings and designs, there are listening games guaranteed to keep children on the edges of their seats.

We often hear from teachers about how much fun children have with this book, but we must emphasize the very serious purpose of the challenges: To help students become better listeners and better direction-followers.

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