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Loosen Up!


Here are 32 highly original activities designed to give children the confidence to try new things.

Most of the activities in the book result in an end product that looks something like "art." But Loosen Up! isn't really an art book. Rather, it's a book designed to shake things up—to encourage original, confident thinking.

The activities are fun, lively, and non-threatening, fostering a sort of "I can" confidence that will spill over into other areas as well.

All children will benefit from these activities. But Loosen Up! is especially good for those "perfectionist" kids—the ones who need encouragement to experiment without fear of making a mistake.

Oh, and there's another benefit as well: All of the activities are scripted, so children have to tune in carefully to your oral directions. So add "listening" and "direction-following" to the list of skills this versatile little book encourages.

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