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Going Places


If you want your students to listen better, and to use their imaginations, this is the book for you.

Where else do you get to go to the zoo, to a county fair, camping in the mountains, to City Hall, and on an airplane trip—without leaving the classroom!

As your read from a script, students work on interactive activity sheets that involve the five imaginary (but realistic) "trips." Each trip is divided into five separate parts, each of which takes about 20 minutes to do.

The five journeys in this book are not flights of fancy to places children could not conceivably go. But even if some children have never been, say, camping, the carefully crafted script provides them with everything they need to participate fully.

Along the way, students will acquire some very valuable cargo—listening and thinking skills, lengthened attention spans, and, since everyone is on the same journey together, a wonderful whole-class rapport!

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