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Is It Friday Already?




240 pages


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Make learning centers a vibrant part of your classroom. Here are more than 250 practical activities and a whole year's worth of learning center ideas. The centers are easy to assemble and are designed to be used by all students in the classroom—not just the best and the brightest. Like many Tin Man Press activities, the centers make use of concepts that are already within a child's realm of experience.

The centers are divided into nine subject areas: art, listening, language arts, reading, cognition, handwriting, science, work-study, and creative writing. There are also some revolutionary ideas for implementing the learning-center approach—like making their use mandatory in your classroom!

This is a meat-and-potatoes type of book, full of center ideas. Since the book is subject oriented, you’ll find a lively mix of activities in the various content areas. Also provided are practical approaches for making the centers. You'll end up with centers that have an appealing, hand-fashioned quality, but which are in fact quite easy to make.

NOTE: After 33 years in print, we've decided that "Friday" has a few too many references to cassette tapes, vinyl records, old magazines and textbooks—you get the idea! Despite the out-of-date references, it's still full of great ideas which we're incorporating into other new Tin Man offerings. Get the last in-print "Friday" books at half price—just $10!

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